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Berlin University of Technology

Department Computer Science

Group Knowledge Based Systems (WBS)

A Distributed Library Information System on the Basis of the Z39.50 Protocol

Wolfram Schneider

Diploma Thesis

Certified by:

Prof. Dr. Erhard Konrad

Prof. Dr. Martin Grötschel

Thesis Supervisor

Josef Willenborg, (Master of CS)

July 1999


This diploma thesis desribes a distributed library information system for bibliographic databases in the Internet. The name of the system is ZACK.

With ZACK the user is able to search for a particular document in several databases and to include the matches in his/her own local database. The inclusion of data records from an external database makes the capture of new documents much easier, as internal cataloging is reduced to a minimum. Double work is eliminated and a continuously high quality of data record is ensured.

The distributed search by means of ZACK is carried out in several databases in parallel. Duplicates are recognized; and a short list of matches without double entries is offered. The user can then decide for himself from which database to include data records. In practice, a distributed search has produced far better results than the search in one particular database. Response times are within an acceptable limit for the user. The short list of hits is made clearer and more concise by the duplicate check.

A free version of ZACK is available at: http://opus.tu-bs.de/zack/

The diplom thesis is written in German language. The first chapter Introduction is also available in English.

You can get a printed copy of the diplom thesis for free. Please contact the Konrad-Zuse-Zentrum and ask for the ZIB preprint SC 99-21. ISSN 0933-7911

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Presentation of ZACK at the Herzog August Bibliothek Wolfenbüttel: Slices

URL: https://wolfram.schneider.org/lv/diplom/
E-Mail: wosch@freebsd.org
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