1.  Introduction.

      This note describes several commands to update the publication lists. The data base consisting of these lists is kept in a set of files in the directory /usr/dict/papers on the Version 7 UNIXsystem. The reason for having special commands to update these files is that they are indexed, and the only reasonable way to find the items to be updated is to use the index. However, altering the files destroys the usefulness of the index, and makes further editing difficult. So the recommended procedure is to

Prepare additions, deletions, and changes in separate files.
Update the data base and reindex.

Whenever you make changes, etc. it is necessary to run the ``add & index'' step before logging off; otherwise the changes do not take effect. The next section shows the format of the files in the data base. After that, the procedures for preparing additions, preparing changes, preparing deletions, and updating the public data base are given.