The FreeBSD Project

FreeBSD is an advanced operating system for x86 compatible and other architectures. It is derived from 4.4 BSD UNIX, the version of UNIX developed at the University of California, Berkeley. The goals of the FreeBSD Project are to provide software that may be used for any purpose and without strings attached.

Writing tools for FreeBSD since 1995. FreeBSD committer since 1996. This involves write access to the master CVS tree of FreeBSD. Performed more than 2100 commits to the FreeBSD sources and to documentation and web server pages. FreeBSD webmaster from 1998 to 2001. Designing, implementing, and maintaining the official web site of the FreeBSD project, including server script programming and server security ( Due to the high workload the FreeBSD webmaster is now a team of FreeBSD developers that I am still part of.

Multicast NetNews Distribution

Develop a Multicast NetNews Distribution package at tellique GmbH. (Usenet article distribution over an satellite link.) The software is written in C and uses a low level multicast networking library. See

Mobile Internet Applications (UMTS)

Implement a greeting card service for cell phones users in Europe (Vodaphone, British Telecom, Telefónica). Written in mod_perl, XHTML, XML. See
iconmobile for more details.

AOL Kleinanzeigen

AOL Kleinanzeigen (AOL classified advertisements) for the Portals aol client,, and AOL Kleinanzeigen is an online application, where the users can announce and search classified advertisements in several categories. Users can search for other users with similar interests (profile matching). A control tool allows the application administration staff to manage the classified advertisements for a high quality of the service. The application is written in JSP and Java. The data is stored in a XML database. The software has interfaces to E-Mail, SMS, advertisement and billing. My contribution: developer (programming logic, configuration, performance and quality testing) The system performs more than 50 million requests per month (half of, twice of the load of and combined). See /

Consulting for, the largest city portal of Berlin. Execution of a technical Due Diligence of Wrote a feasibility study for the migration of the application from to the platform of analysis of services of, technology, legal obligations, PageImpressions, turnover, migration concepts. Executing the technical migration of to the new platform of Re-implementing several applications: yellow pages (PHP, XML, >1 million requests/month), official administration guide of the state Berlin (PHP, MySQL), Berlin guide book (Perl).

BertelsmannSpringer Science+Business Media central search platform

Development of a central search platform for BertelsmannSpringer Science+Business Media. Online: Lifeline, Manager's Health, BauNetz, Transportweb and Platow Brief Online. Fulltext and field search engine based on the Altavista SDK and MySQL. Several millions documents (PDF, HTML). My contribution: development, installation, maintance service (robot system and full text indexer). Special features: PDF search, highlighting, and fuzzy search.

Other search related projects

Support other search related projects: auction search at, Lycos Greeting Cards, for children, for science, search applications of the German Government online initiative

Distributed library system / Z39.50

Master's degree in Computer Science. Diploma thesis: ``A Distributed Library Information System on the Basis of the Z39.50 Protocol''. The thesis included research, many practice tests, and an implementation of a WWW-Z39.50 Gateway for distributed search and copy cataloging. The software is still in use by more than 80 staff users, performing ca. 4000 (asynchronous) search requests per day. Currently more than 20 databases available, 100 million records. See

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