8.  Introduction

      EQN is a program for typesetting mathematics on the Graphics Systems phototypesetters on UNIX and GCOS. The EQN language was designed to be easy to use by people who know neither mathematics nor typesetting. Thus EQN knows relatively little about mathematics. In particular, mathematical symbols like +, -, ×, parentheses, and so on have no special meanings. EQN is quite happy to set garbage (but it will look good).

      EQN works as a preprocessor for the typesetter formatter, TROFF[1], so the normal mode of operation is to prepare a document with both mathematics and ordinary text interspersed, and let EQN set the mathematics while TROFF does the body of the text.

      On UNIX, EQN will also produce mathematics on DASI and GSI terminals and on Model 37 teletypes. The input is identical, but you have to use the programs NEQN and NROFF instead of EQN and TROFF. Of course, some things won't look as good because terminals don't provide the variety of characters, sizes and fonts that a typesetter does, but the output is usually adequate for proofreading.

      To use EQN on UNIX, eqn files | troff
GCOS use is discussed in section 26.