32.  Use on UNIX

      To print a document that contains mathematics on the UNIX typesetter, eqn files | troff
If there are any TROFF options, they go after the TROFF part of the command. For example, eqn files | troff -ms
To run the same document on the GCOS typesetter, use eqn files | troff -g (other options) | gcat

      A compatible version of EQN can be used on devices like teletypes and DASI and GSI terminals which have half-line forward and reverse capabilities. To print equations on a Model 37 teletype, for example, use neqn files | nroff
The language for equations recognized by NEQN is identical to that of EQN, although of course the output is more restricted.

      To use a GSI or DASI terminal as the output device, neqn files | nroff -Tx
where x is the terminal type you are using, such as 300 or 300S.

      EQN and NEQN can be used with the TBL program[2] for setting tables that contain mathematics. Use TBL before [N]EQN, like this: tbl files | eqn | troff
tbl files | neqn | nroff