30.  Keywords, Precedences, Etc.

      If you don't use braces, EQN will do operations in the order shown in this list. dyad vec under bar tilde hat dot dotdot
fwd back down up
fat roman italic bold size
sub sup sqrt over
from to
These operations group to the left: over sqrt left right
All others group to the right.

      Digits, parentheses, brackets, punctuation marks, and these mathematical words are converted to Roman font when encountered: sin cos tan sinh cosh tanh arc
max min lim log ln exp
Re Im and if for det
These character sequences are recognized and translated as shown.

>= [equation]
<= [equation]
== [equation]
!= [equation]
+- [equation]
-> [equation]
<- [equation]
<< [equation]
>> [equation]
inf [equation]
partial [equation]
half [equation]
prime [equation]
approx [equation]
nothing [equation]
cdot [equation]
times [equation]
del [equation]
grad [equation]
... [equation]
,..., [equation]
sum [equation]
int [equation]
prod [equation]
union [equation]
inter [equation]

      To obtain Greek letters, simply spell them out in whatever case you want:

DELTA [equation] iota [equation]
GAMMA [equation] kappa [equation]
LAMBDA [equation] lambda [equation]
OMEGA [equation] mu [equation]
PHI [equation] nu [equation]
PI [equation] omega [equation]
PSI [equation] omicron [equation]
SIGMA [equation] phi [equation]
THETA [equation] pi [equation]
UPSILON [equation] psi [equation]
XI [equation] rho [equation]
alpha [equation] sigma [equation]
beta [equation] tau [equation]
chi [equation] theta [equation]
delta [equation] upsilon [equation]
epsilon [equation] xi [equation]
eta [equation] zeta [equation]
gamma [equation]

      These are all the words known to EQN (except for characters with names), together with the section where they are discussed.

above 17, 18 lpile 17
back 21 mark 15
bar 13 matrix 18
bold 12 ndefine 20
ccol 18 over 9
col 18 pile 17
cpile 17 rcol 18
define 20 right 16
delim 19 roman 12
dot 13 rpile 17
dotdot 13 size 12
down 21 sqrt 10
dyad 13 sub 7
fat 12 sup 7
font 12 tdefine 20
from 11 tilde 13
fwd 21 to 11
gfont 12 under 13
gsize 12 up 21
hat 13 vec 13
italic 12 ~, ^ 4, 6
lcol 18 { } 8
left 16 "..." 8, 14
lineup 15